The industrial manufacturer of steam baked products


Great Texture

Steaming has great benefits for the texture of bakery products. The texture is Fluffy, Moist and Soft.


In a conventional baking or frying process flavors are lost because of high temperatures. There’s browning (Maillard reaction) and formation of acrylamide in the crust. The steam baking temperature does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius. There’s no browning and no loss of flavor sensation.


See the beautiful colors and request samples to taste the flavors. Add inclusions for further variations. Toppings, fillings and inclusions stand out better in our steamed donut base.

Better for you

There’s no oily after taste in steamed donuts. Steam replaces the frying fat resulting in a lower calorie count and a lower fat content.


Heat transfer of steaming is more energy efficient and the absence of frying oil results in a better carbon footprint.

Longer shelf life

The frying process causes products to stale and dry out quickly. The steaming process retains moisture better and keeps the bakery products fresher for longer. We have in market examples of steamed donuts in wrapping material that have a shelf life of 1 month. Please contact us for further shelf life consultation.

Background Donut history

Donuts are invented by the Dutch. From 1845 donut recipes appeared in US cookbooks. We are now re-inventing donuts by steaming them!

Steam Baking

Steam baking is widely used in the Asian markets. The western markets get to experience the benefits and taste now. We have developed an adaptive proposition based on 10 years experience in Japan. Please contact us for further information.

Our donuts are different

They are STEAMED, not fried and made of cake! Everybody knows what a donut is. It’s fun, delicious and the most instagrammed bakery product worldwide. The steamed donut brings new variation to grow the category.